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----- Why is my account cancelled?
----- I purchased servers on which I create virtual machines for clients
------each server is a VDS node for my clients
------what is the reason for blocking?

I receive a letter saying that my account will be blocked
without any explanation or reason

It turns out that the Hetzner company just blocked all my VDS clients
making virtual machines in a Hetzner data center is a very risky business
the company does not respect you and at any time can simply destroy your business

as you can see these are my VDS nodes
on which virtual machines were created
absolutely harmless people who did not violate anything

Is it normal to ruin the lives and time of several dozen people?
This is absolutely normal for Hetzner
therefore, when purchasing a server from Hetzner, be aware that you can be kicked out at any time without warning
this is not a reliable company

Over the next 10-20 years, I will constantly write this story on all specialized hosting resources. so that hosting companies know from whom they buy servers for virtual services.
Thank you for your understanding. (с)